Friday, 26 April 2013

Woman sleepwalking: Eats 2,500 calories of food while sleeping

Woman sleepwalking: Eats 2,500 calories of food while sleeping, A woman recently claimed that she has been eating while sleepwalking. Leslie Cusack, 55, claims she has been eating 2,500 calories of food while sleeping. She says she wakes with crumbs in her bed as well as stomach cramps and often has to change her bedding every morning, according to a report by Digital Spy on April 25.

Cusack, who is a mother of three from Warrington, Cheshire claims she also often ends up binging on Vaseline, emulsion paint, raw potatoes, soap powder, and cough syrup.

She says she often has to wash her bedding because it is constantly getting stained from her sleepwalking eating binges. She also says this is all becoming normal to her but she is trying to get help.

During the day, she eats fruit and salad to try to lose weight.

What do you think of this story? Do you agree she needs help? Hopefully she gets the help she needs before she ends up sicker than she already is.

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