Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Woman poses as 5-year-old’s mother, signs child out of school and rapes her

Woman poses as 5-year-old’s mother, signs child out of school and rapes her, Christina Regusters, 19, was charged in Philadelphia on April 29 with aggravated assault, kidnapping, involuntary deviate sexual intercourse and a variety of additional offenses after being indicted for pretending to be the mother of a 5-year-old girl, signing the child out of her West Philadelphia elementary school, taking her to a nearby house, and raping her.

Afterwards, Regusters left the abused and crying child at a nearby playground wearing hardly any clothes, according to CNN.

The kidnapping and rape occurred on January 14 when Regusters told school officials she wanted to take her daughter out to have some breakfast, but instead took the little girl to a nearby house.

Once inside the home, authorities say, the girl was told to remove her clothing and was given a black T-shirt to wear.

She was blindfolded and forced to hide under a bed, they said. At some point, the girl, now 6, was sexually assaulted, police say.

Philadelphia police conducted a frantic door-to-door search for the missing child; and a reward of $10,000 was offered by the City of Philadelphia.

The little girl, shivering and half-naked, was found at a playground early the following morning by a city sanitation worker who heard the little girl saying, “help, help.”

The sanitation worker said: "When I saw her under the slide, I was shocked. She was there by herself and only had a shirt on."

The child was hiding under a jungle gym play set around 4.40 am and it was unclear how long she had been outside. She was freezing, as it was about 37 degrees outside and damp from rain the night before. ~ The Daily Mail

The Good Samaritan sanitation worker contacted the police, and eventually received the $10,000 award.

Regusters, who worked at a daycare that the 5-year-old attended, was arrested in February.

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