Friday, 19 April 2013

Watertown chaos: Black hat suspect is dead and white hat is loose

Watertown chaos: Black hat suspect is dead and white hat is loose, After a night of sirens, explosions, and shootings in Watertown, Mass., the Boston Marathon bombing suspects have emerged. According to a statement in an April 19 5:00 a.m. press conference by the Boston police, the evening's violence was believed to be caused by the perpetrators of the bombings at the Boston Marathon.

After the photos of the two suspects were publically released by the FBI, events began to happen in the few hours following. A fatal shooting of a police officer at MIT in Cambridge, Mass., began the night's events. The news reports quickly detailed explosions and shootings in nearby Watertown. It was later reported that one suspect was dead after the two suspects led the police on a chase and subsequent shoot-out at Watertown.

The suspect shown in the FBI videos wearing a white hat is still at large. It is feared that he has some sort of explosives attached to his body. People are asked not to leave their homes or answer the door unless it is clearly a police officer at the door.

The area around Boston is basically locked down. There is no public transportation in or out of Boston.

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