Thursday, 25 April 2013

Twinkies return: Hostess confirms Twinkies will return in July

Twinkies return: Hostess confirms Twinkies will return in July, Twinkies shall return! Twinkies -- in their original form -- will no longer be missing from store shelves. On April 25, NBC News reported that the cream-filled yellow cakes will be back on stores in July. Hostess has decided to bring back the treats under their new name, Hostess Brands LLC.

"We expect to be making and selling in July. Probably the later half of the month before the product hits the stores," said executive vice president of Hostess Brands LLC Michael Cramer. Twinkies aren't the only Hostess snack that will be back in stores this summer either.

Twinkies return with Hostess Donettes which will also make a comeback just months after it was announced that these snacks could be gone forever. Many people are thrilled to hear that some of their favorite goodies will be back in stores -- and they won't be knockoffs -- they will be the real deal.

The company's new owners seem excited to get things up and moving again. All of those people who raced to the store to buy several packages of Twinkies thinking they'd be extinct will be able to buy fresh packages (even though Twinkies are supposed to be able to last several years).

Are you happy that Twinkies will return this summer?

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