Thursday, 18 April 2013

Tucson survivor screams 'shame on you' after gun vote, gets ejected

Tucson survivor screams 'shame on you' after gun vote, gets ejected, A major blow was dealt to supporters of tougher gun laws as the U.S. Senate voted against a compromise plan to expand background checks on firearm sales on Wednesday, April 17, 2013 per CNN. The deal also would have banned some semi-automatic (military assault-like) weapons, but it didn't receive enough votes. One person expressed her dissatisfaction with the result as she screamed out immediately after the result was read.

Patricia Maisch has been looked at as a hero form the shootings in Tucson, AZ that had left six dead and 13 more wounded. That number includes Rep. Gabrielle Gifford (D-Ariz.). Maisch was the woman that grabbed a third clip away from shooter Jared Loughner as he was tackled by bystanders and tried to reload.

On Wednesday, Maisch was escorted out of the Senate chamber of the Capitol once the result of the vote was read. When announced, the Tucson survivor screamed "Shame on you!" at the senators that voted against the compromise.

Maisch was almost immediately escorted out of the Capitol where the reporters quickly gathered around her.

"When I was told it was done, I decided that I could not stay still any longer, that they need to be ashamed of themselves," she said. "They have no souls. They have no compassion for the experiences that people have lived through ... [having] a child or loved one murdered by a gun. They say that it's not the gun, it's the man. I'm here to tell you ... The man and the gun become intimate and they cannot do the act without each other. So the gun is part of the problem."

Lori Haas was escorted out with Maisch. Haas' daughter Emily was shot twice at the Virginia Tech massacre and survived.

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