Saturday, 20 April 2013

Teen locked in attic 4 years: Boy tortured physically and sexually

Teen locked in attic 4 years: Boy tortured physically and sexually, A teen was locked in an attic 4 years, suffering both physical and sexual torture. An April 19 report reveals a 15-year-old boy was a victim at the hands of his own mother, Susan Marie Bardo, and her boyfriend, Carl James Pellinen, of Michigan. The pair have been charged with three felonies; child abuse, sexual misconduct, and torture.

A relative requested help in finding the teen and contacted public safety officials in Escanaba. When they arrived at the home of his mother's, they were horrified at what they saw when he was kept in a locked attic that was an 8' x 10' room. It was carpeted in tarps that were stapled down. The boy had a space heater with him, but not much else. The 15-year-old was allowed to eat on the stairs, but never to go downstairs.

The abused child was transported to OSF St. Francis Hospital. His mother and her boyfriend are being held at Delta County Jail on $50,000 bond each.

A neighbor told authorities that the couple seemed friendly and when they were asked about the teenager, they said he was living out of town with his father.

Law enforcement is trying to locate the teen's biological father, but haven't been able to. They're asking for the public's help if anyone knows anything. Call the Escabana Department of Public Safety at (906) 786-5911 if you have information.

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