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Tech Review: iPhone Apparel by Alphyn Industries

Tech Review: iPhone Apparel by Alphyn Industries, Have you ever wished you could use your iPhone/smartphone without removing it from the safe confines of your jacket or jeans? The DELTA415 jeans and the SOMA-1 pullover jacket by Alphyn Industries do exactly that.

The SOMA-1 pullover jacket has a special smartphone zipper pocket on the left wrist. This consists of a transparent piece of rubber that allows you to clearly see and easily utilize an iPhone/smartphone. There is also a protective flap that adds another layer of defense against small bumps.

It is held open or closed with strips of Velcro. To keep your iPhone firmly in place on your arm, Velcro adjustment straps are built-in. The zipper that opens the iPhone pocket continues up the arm to the shoulder where it reveals a hidden pocket.

This design allows you to use and store your earphones while keeping them from getting all tangled up during use. I did notice that the fabric that partially overlaps the earphone zipper began to come apart after a few months even though I didn’t use that feature heavily.

The rest of the jacket seems to be quite well made and comfortable. There is a second hidden pocket on the right shoulder, two small side pockets to keep your hands warm (no zippers on these so don’t put anything valuable in there), and a small triangular zipper pocket in the middle of the front of the jacket.

I would have preferred at least one large pocket in this jacket though. One of the things I did like about this jacket was how warm it kept me even though it’s fairly thin and lightweight.

The DELTA415 denim pants provide the same function as the jacket except the pocket is on the front of the upper right leg. There is also a pass-through headphone hole that allows your headphones to come out through the main right pocket.

Like the jacket, the iPhone pocket on the jeans has a protective flap that is sealed with a zipper. The jeans are made of coated cotton and have the standard 2 front and 2 back pockets.

I don’t see these cotton jeans being very practical for most users. If you are walking around its not very convenient to have your phone in this special pocket. However if you are traveling by car, bus, train, airplane, motorcycle or some other activity that involves sitting a lot, then these jeans could be quite useful.

One activity that I found both the jacket and the jeans made more difficult was talking on the phone. Without a Bluetooth device or headphones that have a built-in microphone, talking on the phone while your smartphone is in the jacket was quite difficult, uncomfortable and looked/felt strange.

Holding a conversation with your iPhone in the pants requires that you lean way over and essentially speak into your crotch. Not something most people care to be caught doing in public. I tested my iPhone in speakerphone mode and it worked exceptionally well.

So, as long as you don’t mind using headphones, a Bluetooth device of some kind, or speakerphone mode, this shouldn’t be a problem. If none of these options are your cup of tea, then these products might not be the right fit for you.

If you are the type that needs the latest and greatest high tech gear, gadgets, or clothing at any cost, then these jeans and jacket by Alphyn Industries might be exactly what you have been looking for.

Alphyn Industries clothing line is a great high quality solution to utilize your iPhone while keeping your hands free to quickly accomplish other tasks at a moments notice.

If this functionality is something you have been desperately looking for, and you don’t mind the steep price, then I definitely recommend you consider these two products by Alphyn Industries.


Dedicated pocket for iPhones
Ability to use iPhone hands free
Touch screen compatible screen protector built in
Jacket is very warm for how thin it is
Jeans have protective coating
Will fit iPhones in very slim protective cases

Wont fit all smartphones
Pants not convenient to use while standing
Very small jacket pockets
No variety of colors or styles
iPhones with medium to large cases will not fit
Phone calls difficult without Bluetooth, headphones, or speakerphone mode
Made in USA


SOMA-1 Pullover Jacket: $199.00
DELTA415 Jeans: $160.00
For more information, please visit the following web page:

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