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Teacher fired for Bible: Teacher fired after lending student a Bible

Teacher fired for Bible: Teacher fired after lending student a Bible, A teacher fired for giving a student the Bible has filed a complaint with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission in Newark, New Jersey. On April 12, the Christian Science Monitor reported that substitute teacher Walt Tutka was fired by the Phillipsburg School District earlier this year because he gave a curious student a copy of the Holy book.

According to the report, Tutka quoted a passage from the Bible and a student was curious about it so he asked about it. Tutka asked whether or not the student had a Bible of his own and when the student said "no," Tutka loaned his copy.

In January, teacher was fired for the Bible "incident" which occurred in October. Tutka says that he was told he was being let go specifically because he lent the Bible to the student. Mr. Tutka doesn't believe that he did anything wrong and the school district has not spoken to the media about the incident.

Tutka feels as though he was wrongly fired and there are plenty of people would would agree with him. Regardless on how a school views religion, the Bible is a book that can be used to study and/or learn about Jesus (who is a historical figure, religion aside).

Should a teacher be fired for Bible loaning?

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