Monday, 15 April 2013

Suspect in custody in Boston Marathon explosion; Saudi Arabian national

Suspect in custody in Boston Marathon explosion; Saudi Arabian national, The New York Post reported on April 15 that authorities have a suspect in custody in the Boston Marathon bombings. The suspect, a Saudi Arabian national, is 20 years old and under guard at a Boston hospital.

No reason for the man’s presence at the hospital has been given. It is not known if he was injured in the bombings or during his apprehension.

The suspect was captured just two hours after the explosion which went off at 2:50 p.m. The explosion has left 12 dead and as many as 50 injured according to latest reports.

Boston police have obtained surveillance footage showing someone bringing numerous backpacks to the site of the explosion.

A third explosion occurred at John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum but there is no word if this bombing was linked to the other two or how much damage it may have caused. The library explosion happened at 4:30 and was more than a mile from the earlier explosions.

The death toll and casualty counts were confirmed by law enforcement officials.

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