Monday, 15 April 2013

Super-criminal escapes: Fiery jailbreak marks Redoine Faid in most wanted list

Super-criminal escapes: Fiery jailbreak marks Redoine Faid in most wanted list, When a “super-criminal” escapes from a prison in a fiery explosion, it can very well leave that criminal marked on the most wanted list. According to The Epoch Times this Monday, April 15, Redoine Faid, a high-security prisoner, broke out of a French detention center this weekend using a gun and several explosives.

The CS Monitor reported in the “super-criminal” escape that Faid made his daring break-out from the prison by holding five individuals at gunpoint, four of whom were prison guards. Using acquired explosives then to destroy outside doors, Faid was able to flee and is currently on the run.

The four guards are reported to be uninjured, though security measures in the prison — as it remains unknown how Redoine Faid managed to get the explosives or gun in the first place — are being looked into.

“He is remarkably intelligent, and he is using his intellect to serve his ambitions,” his lawyer, Jean-Louis Pelletier, told French broadcaster BFMTV. Faid “cannot stand being imprisoned anymore.”

Faid found public attention for himself prior to the “super-criminal” escapes headline when he wrote about his life as a notorious criminal back in 2010.

“When I was on the run, I lived all the time with death, with fear of the police, fear of getting shot,” he told Europe 1 radio at the time.

At the time, Faid said he wanted to turn over a new leaf, and end his time as a criminal. Yet the jailbreaker was later brought back into French custody after he was charged with the death of a policewoman, only 26 years old.

Having been marked this Monday on France’s most-wanted list, Faid is actively being searched for by Interpol, and over 26 European countries have been issued a warrant for his arrest.

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