Tuesday, 16 April 2013

‘Star Wars’ actor dies: Richard LeParmentier, ‘Star Wars’ Admiral Motti dies

‘Star Wars’ actor dies: Richard LeParmentier, ‘Star Wars’ Admiral Motti dies, “Star Wars” actor Richard LeParmentier died at age 66 in Austin, Texas, while visiting his children. The Official Home for Star Wars News website commemorates the “Star Wars” actor who is best remembered by fans for his role as Admiral Motti. According to the Official Home for Star Wars News report posted on April 16, 2013,

“LeParmentier's brief but unforgettable performance as Admiral Motti in the original Star Wars demonstrated both the lofty hubris of the Galactic Empire, and the rumbling power of the Force. LeParmentier has the distinction of being the first actor telekinetically throttled by Darth Vader on-screen for his disturbing lack of faith.”

While “Star Wars” actor Richard LeParmentier was born in Pennsylvania on July 16, 1946, to parents from Ireland and Guernsey (an island in the English Channel off the coast of Normandy), he moved to the United Kingdom in 1974 and lived there for most of his life.

Richard LeParmentier made several appearances in over 50 films and television programs. From 1988 to 1992, he worked as a screenwriter for British television. In 2004, Richard LeParmentier was the narrator in the video game “Soldiers: Heroes of World War II” and in 2012, he made a cameo appearance in an online commercial for the 2012 Xbox 360 video game ‘Kinect Star Wars,” which re-created his famous scene from “Star Wars.”

In commemorating the “Star Wars” actor’s death on Tuesday, The Official Home for Star Wars News website tells the beginning of Richard LeParmentier and “Star Wars.”

Originally, Richard LeParmentier auditioned for the part of Han Solo but was then hired to play a Mos Eisley bureaucrat named Montross. After the small role was cut from the film, it took about a month until Richard LeParmentier learned about playing the part of Admiral Motti.

In 1998, Richard LeParmentier told Star Wars Insider magazine, “Then about a month later, the casting director phoned my agent and said, 'We'd like Richard to read for the part of Admiral Motti,' so they sent me another script and I read it, and I thought, 'Well, okay, it's two scenes at least, so I'll do that'."

In addition to his famous role as Admiral Motti, Richard LeParmentier also performed in “Superman II, Octopussy,” and “Who Framed Roger Rabbit.”

Many people are familiar with Admiral Motti’s famous choking scene because it was immortalized in plastic in 2000, when the Admiral Motti action figure came out.

“The toy was articulated in such a way as to recreate the choking scene -- a gesture LeParmentier would good-naturedly reenact for fans during his many popular convention appearances.”

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