Monday, 15 April 2013

Smoky conditions expected between Deland and Daytona along West ISB Monday

Smoky conditions expected between Deland and Daytona along West ISB Monday, Drivers along West International Speedway Boulevard between Deland and Daytona Beach should expect smoky conditions Monday. The Florida Highway Patrol closed the road due to reduced visibility from the Mile Marker 128 Fire Sunday afternoon between Kepler Road and Indian Lake Road. Volusia County spokesperson Pat Kuehn said three small spot-over fires from the increased wind and lower humidity Sunday afternoon caused the decreased visibility.

The Mile Marker 128 Fire is now estimated at 225 acres, and officials say it continues to “…smolder and produce significant smoke.” Firefighters with the Volusia County Fire Services, Florida Forest Service, and the Deland and Daytona Beach Fire Departments are continuing to work the fire.

Tips for driving in smoky areas

For drivers along West International Speedway Boulevard Monday, Volusia County Fire Services offered the following tips for driving in smoky conditions:

Drive with low beams on. High beams will be reflected back off the smoke and can impair visibility even more.
Slow down before you enter the smoke and make sure you can stop within the distance you can see.
Watch out for slow-moving and parked vehicles. Listen for traffic you cannot see.
Reduce distractions in your vehicle. Turn off your radio and cell phone.
Use wipers and defrosters to improve visibility.
Use the right edge of the road as a guide.
Avoid passing and/or changing lanes.
Signal your turns well in advance and brake early as you prepare to stop.
Roll your windows up and use your air conditioner on the recirculation mode.
Do not stop on a freeway or heavily traveled road. If you must pull off the road, use your turn signal and carefully pull off as far as possible. After pulling off the road, turn on your hazard flashers.
Do not drive with your hazard flashers on. According to Florida statute, hazard flashers may only be used on stationary cars.

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