Monday, 15 April 2013

Sierra Nevada awarded troubleshooting contract for Navy UCAS-D aircraft

Sierra Nevada awarded troubleshooting contract for Navy UCAS-D aircraft, The U.S. Navy has awarded a sole source contract to Sierra Nevada Corp. (SNC) to support troubleshooting, problem resolution, and anomaly investigation associated with the Precision Global Positioning System as part of the existing Unmanned Combat Air System-Demonstration (UCAS-D) program. The Navy made the contract announcement on Friday through the Federal Business Opportunities website.

“No other company possesses the expertise required to support the government's UCAS,” the Navy said in contract documents. “As the Original Equipment Manufacturer, SNC is the only company that possesses the technical expertise and special tooling required for design modifications and upgrades and is the only source for spare parts.”

The Naval Air Warfare Center Aircraft Division in Patuxent River, Md. organized the contract award.

The tailless unmanned UCAS-D fighter, also known as the X-47B, built by Northrop Grumman Corp., is designed to take off and land on the deck of an aircraft carrier. The aircraft performed its maiden flight in February 2011 from Edwards Air Force Base in California.

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