Saturday, 20 April 2013

Second stillborn's remains: 2nd stillborn baby gone missing

Second stillborn's remains: 2nd stillborn baby gone missing, For a second time this week, a stillborn's remains at a Minnesota hospital likely wound up at an outside linen service. Allegedly, a dead baby wrapped in linen at a hospital morgue was likely picked up by a company after it was mistakenly staged for laundering.

According to an April 19 AP report via Yahoo News, officials at Regions Hospital in St. Paul said that a second stillborn baby's remains went missing Friday. The deceased baby, which had a gestation age of 19 weeks, was likely included for cleaning company, Red Wing's pickup.

Earlier this week, the remains of a 22-weeks gestation age stillborn were found by a cleaning company employee at the facility.

Chris Boese, the hospital's chief nursing officer said this about the second missing set of stillborn remains:

"A tragic human error was made and we believe both sets of remains were mistaken as empty linens and placed in the laundry at the same time by a hospital worker.

"We have searched everywhere. We have checked into everything. It unfortunately may be that we just will not know what happened with the remains."

Typically, the hospital allows families to make their own arrangements after a pregnancy ends with a stillborn delivery. Otherwise, officials seek out community organizations which take care of the final arrangements.

While news of not one, but a second stillborn's remains going missing is unsettling, Regions has taken responsibility and pledges to put systems in place to prevent future occurrences. All of the other approximately 2,500 stillborn babies delivered every year have been accounted for.

At this time, the mothers have not commented about the two incidents.

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