Thursday, 11 April 2013

Robin Kelly's victory not accepted by right-wing, NRA-controlled Breibart writer

Robin Kelly's victory not accepted by right-wing, NRA-controlled Breibart writer, The Rebel Pundit, a columnist for the right-wing, NRA-controlled, does not accept the crushing victory on Tuesday of Robin Kelly over several opponents in the 2nd Illinois Congressional district special election. Robin Kelly received more than 58,000 votes, which is more than 38,000 more votes than her closest opponent. In the Democratic primary, Robin Kelly received 30,000 votes against a crowded field.

The Rebel Pundit doesn't accept the victory?

What was the excuse?

The Rebel Pundit blames the Republican party for its lack of support for its candidate running in the race. A reminder to the writer. Not that it makes any difference.

It started with the nonsensical headline that their candidate won "2/3" of the counties in the 2nd Illinois Congressional district. Robin Kelly defeated outperformed former Congressman Jesse Jackson Jr. in Will and Kankakee counties. Never mind that the two counties are Republican strongholds.

Capitol Fax's Rich Miller put it into perspective by debunking the Rebel Pundit statement that the Republican opponent had "a more than respectable showing in a race that was deemed a no contest for the Democrat Party by the Chicago Media months before the primary election." It was not.

Sorry, but 22 percent is a thorough thumping.

And just for a bit of recent historical perspective, Republican Brian Woodworth got 23 percent against Congressman Jesse Jackson, Jr. last November. And Woodworth also won Kankakee and Will counties. However, both McKinley and Woodworth outperformed Mitt Romney, who got 18.5 percent last November.

Counties don’t vote. People do. McKinley never had a chance, except in the fevered imaginations of hyper-partisans.

Or remind you of the even more laughable conclusion made by this Rebel Pundit that the Republican candidate is declaring his race to be the “beginning of a movement.” So was the Tea Party. A movement that is, but that hasn't worked out real well.

I will make a small wager. In several months, the Rebel Pundit will have forgotten the name of Robin Kelly's opponent and will he never again lift a finger for this candidate. If he has not already forgotten.

I know I have.

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