Friday, 19 April 2013

Report: Dead Boston bombing suspect may have posted pro-Al Qaeda

Report: Dead Boston bombing suspect may have posted pro-Al Qaeda, According to a report posted at Mother Jones on Friday, Tamerlan Tsarnaev, the deceased Boston Marathon bombing suspect, may have posted a series of videos extolling what Adam Serwer called "an extremist religious prophecy associated with Al Qaeda."

While it is not clear that the deceased suspect is the same person who posted the videos, Mother Jones said the page includes a video of Australian cleric Feiz Mohammad railing against the evils of Harry Potter and another video that is dedicated to a prophesy embraced by Al Qaeda.

"The prophecy states that an invincible army will come from the region of Khurasan in central Asia," Serwer wrote.

"This is a major hadith (reported saying of the prophet Muhammad) that jihadis use, it is essentially an end-time prophecy," Aaron Zelin, a fellow at the Washington Institute for Near East Policy, told Mother Jones.

According to Serwer, the page, entitled "Islam," also indicates "an interest in Islamic fundamentalism and jihadism."

On Friday, NBC's Pete Williams said the brothers "were legal permanent residents. They were in this country legally, at least a year. They appear to be from Turkey, possibly Chechens from Turkey. That seems to be the nationality here."

Buzzfeed said that a Nexis search revealed Tsarnaev became a legal permanent resident in 2007 and was also a registered voter.

Slate reported that the deceased suspect also had a "wish list" on Amazon. The list included:

How to Make Driver's Licenses and Other ID on Your Home Computer
The I.D. Forger: Homemade Birth Certificates & ​Other Documents Explained
Secrets Of A Back Alley ID Man: Fake Id Construction Techniques Of The Underground
The Lone Wolf And the Bear: Three Centuries of Chechen Defiance of Russian Rule
In a photo essay entitled, "Will Box for Passport," the young man reportedly declared, "I don't have a single American friend, I don't understand them."

"Tamerlan says he doesn't drink or smoke anymore: 'God said no alcohol.' A Muslim, he says: 'There are no values anymore,' and worries that 'people can't control themselves,'" the photo essay added.


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