Monday, 22 April 2013

Reese Witherspoon arrested: Reese tries to trump ticket with her celeb status

Reese Witherspoon arrested: Reese tries to trump ticket with her celeb status, Hollywood good girl Reese Witherspoon tried to use her celebrity card to get out of a ticket, but the “Don't you know I’m famous?!” label backfired, landing her and husband Jim Toth in trouble with the Atlanta police.

According to the April 21 TMZ report, police noticed the couple’s silver Ford Fusion weaving in and out of lanes late Friday night in dowtown Atlanta. Toth was driving, and was pulled over under suspected DUI.

As they were questioning Toth, Witherspoon, evidently agitated at being treated like anyone else should be who chooses to drink and drive, mouthed off and tried to trump the potential ticket and arrest with her celebrity status.

TMZ tells the following:

As officers dealt with Jim, Reese allegedly started acting up, telling cops, "Do you know my name?" The officer answered by saying, "No, I don't need to know your name."

Witherspoon then came back with, "You're about to find out who I am ... You are going to be on national news."

The news indeed was a hit on the national level, but the attention is on the foolish actions of the Academy Award and Golden Globe winner, who couldn’t act her way out of this one.

Toth was arrested with a blood alcohol level of .139, and Witherspoon accompanied him to jail under arrest for disorderly conduct, a municipal ordinance.

The arresting officer in the report described Toth by saying his "eyelids were droopy" and his eyes were "blood shot and watery." The officer said he smelled a "strong odor" of alcohol coming from Toth.

They were both taken to jail, booked and photographed, and released a short time later. Witherspoon’s mug shot can now be added to a list of other celebrities who found out they were not above the law.

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