Thursday, 18 April 2013

Pope Francis tweets for prayers after Texas fertilizer plant explosion

Pope Francis tweets for prayers after Texas fertilizer plant explosion, His Holiness Pope Francis took to Twitter Thursday after the Texas fertilizer plant explosions. The new pontiff asked followers to pray for victims of those killed and injured in Waco after the shocking blast.

A message from @Pontifex read:

"Please join me in praying for the victims of the explosion in Texas and their families."

Since being elected to lead the Catholic Church in March, Francis has only tweeted 18 times. However, with nearly three million Twitter followers, the message will likely resonate throughout social media.

Much of the West Texas town in Waco is in ruins after the Texas explosion Wednesday night, citing a CNN report.

The latest information says that search and rescue teams are still looking for blast victims now that day break is providing ample lighting.

Today, an investigation is underway to learn what set off the fire which then led to the enormous blast at the fertilizer plant.

The winds have been problematic, but the light rain is helping to wash out any toxic fumes floating in the air. Additionally, it is helping firefighters to put out flames from the blast.

From Hillcrest Hospital, George Howell from CNN said 12 nursing home patients near the blast were being treated. Additionally, at least three firemen have been killed in the explosion and others including a police officer remain missing.

Of note: It's not known how many people were exposed to anhydrous ammonia fumes, which can be debilitating and deadly.

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