Monday, 15 April 2013

Osbourne split rumors

Osbourne split rumors, The Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne split rumors that bubbled up over the weekend and on Monday were painting anything but a clear picture of this nearly 31-year-old marriage.

Son Jack Osbourne, however, was doing his part to unmuddy the waters. First, the rumors ... Sharon was caught on camera "moving into a new home" recently, according to the Daily Mail, which noted the activity took place just days before "The Talk" host was photographed sans wedding ring at a lunch date with daughter Kelly. The London paper showed photos of the redhead looking "downcast" — or perhaps just looking down at the ground as she busied herself around a moving van.

Britain's Daily Mirror produced the same pictures but emphasized the financial twist, saying as the Mail had that the couple had broken up over financial woes, including a large tax bill.

So now we compare the pics and that info with what TMZ said Monday (while alleging there are no plans for a divorce): Sharon is supposedly living at the Beverly Hills Hotel, the website reported, while Ozzy is allegedly holed up in a rental property several miles from the hotel. The site acknowledged previous reports that the two had been living apart while their Beverly Hills home was renovated.

All of which makes us wonder whose place Sharon was supposedly moving that furniture into. Last time we checked, hotel rooms came with furniture, so maybe she was dropping stuff off at Ozzy's new place? And the rocker won't be anywhere near Beverly Hills in a few days: He kicks off a world tour starting in New Zealand on Saturday.

Though Mom, Dad and Kelly were mum on social media and Sharon's rep didn't respond immediately to a request for comment, son Jack took to Twitter on Sunday to dismiss the rumors as a bunch of bull.

"Last time I check a lot of British news papers weren't amazing sources of accurate information. Moving on...," he wrote.

Jessica Simpson recently bought the Osbournes' Hidden Hills estate for $11.5 million, according to The Times' Hot Property column. They'd been trying to ditch that property since June 2011, the Hollywood Reporter said, noting that they'd also gotten rid of a Malibu home last April.

When the Osbournes shared news of a fire started by a candle at their home in mid-January, they were living in Beverly Hills.

When there's more than rumor to report, we'll let you know. Said LA TIMES

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