Saturday, 13 April 2013

Oklahoma Tea Party founder faces felony charges for threatening lawmaker

Oklahoma Tea Party founder faces felony charges for threatening lawmaker, Al Gerhart, the founder of the Sooner Tea Party, has been charged with felony blackmail for sending e-mail threats to Republican State Senator Cliff Branan, regarding Branan's refusal to bring an Agenda 21 bill up for a vote. Gerhart was apparently outraged that Branan's committee failed to take up House Bill 1412, which addressed a plan regarding the United Nations' Agenda 21 sustainable development plan.

The bill which already passed in the Oklahoma House would have guaranteed that Oklahoma cities would not participate in Agenda 21, a United Nations initiative to promote environmentally sustainable development. However, Branan refused to bring it to the Senate floor because he felt it was based on a "fringe theory". Gerhart responded by sending the threatening e-mail. Branan shared the e-mail with police and Gerhart was arrested and bail was set at 15,000 dollars. Gerhart is also prohibited from being within 1000 feet of Branan or his family. He could face five years in prison if convicted. Gerhart was also the Oklahoma State coordinator for the Ron Paul campaign in 2012.

Although Agenda 21 is a non binding voluntary action plan to implement sustainable practices suggested by the United Nations Conference on Environment and Development, it has become a sinister plot to some on the far right who regard it as part of a UN plan to impose one world government. Glenn Beck has authored an Orwellian fiction book titled Agenda 21. Gerhart was apparently concerned that Branan's refusal to put House Bill 1412 to a vote in the State Senate, might lead to Oklahoma losing sovereignty to the United Nations.

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