Friday, 19 April 2013

NRA fighting of 'taggant markers' in explosives is impeding Boston investigation

NRA fighting of 'taggant markers' in explosives is impeding Boston investigation, Frank Smyth has once again exposed the National Rifle Association and their efforts to defend the "Second Amendment." At least, the NRA claims to defend the "Second Amendment." But clearly, they do not. Frank Smyth yesterday posted a piece that shows how the NRA has lobbied against the use of "'taggant markers" in explosives that could have blown this case wide open. Frank Smyth posted on MSNBC's website that shows that the NRA has closed off this one avenue of investigation to forensic officials working the Boston Marathon bombing case.

"Taggant markers" used to trace the origin of gunpowder in explosive materials like that used in the streets of Boston that killed three and injured over one-hundred and seventy-five people..

Frank Smyth has been railing about the National Rifle Association (NRA) for many years, dating back to the early 1990's. He is the first to tell you that the NRA has yet to consent to an interview with him, as Frank Smyth has exposed the NRA as representatives of the gun manufacturers, and not as representatives of the Second Amendment as the NRA likes to claim.

But, a crucial piece of evidence called a taggant that could be used to trace the gunpowder used in the bombs to a buyer at a point of sale is not available to investigators.

Frank Smyth talked to Bob Morhard, an explosives consultant and chief executive officer of Zukovich, Morhard & Wade, LLC., in Pennsylvania, who has traced explosives and detonators in use in the United States and Saudi Arabia, told “If you had a good 'taggant' this would be a good thing for this kind of crime. It could help identify the point of manufacturer, and chain of custody. The problem is nobody wants to know what the material is.”

Explosives manufacturers are required to place tracing elements known as identification taggants only in plastic explosives but not in gunpowder, thanks to lobbying efforts by the NRA and large gun manufacturing groups.

Once again, the NRA has lobbied to the benefit of the gun manufacturers and weapons manufacturers and ignored what is good for the safety of Americans. They do it by hiding behind the Second Amendment.

As long as they remain hiding behind the Second Amendment, they hide from their real motives: to represent the monied interests in the gun and ammo manufacturing industry.

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