Monday, 15 April 2013

NRA 500 suicide: 42-year-old shoots himself in head

NRA 500 suicide: 42-year-old shoots himself in head, An NRA 500 suicide is making headline news today. On April 13, a 42-year-old man took the field and shot himself at the NASCAR event in Texas. According to The Blaze, "a verbal altercation" in the infield ended in absolute tragedy when a man -- identified as Kirk Franklin of Saginaw -- pointed a gun at his own head and pulled the trigger.

Details are very sparse at this point and it is unknown what the altercation was about, but there were several people who witnessed this and they were all shocked. "The death occurred 'in or around a pickup truck' in part of the infield near the middle of the backstretch," said track spokesman Mike Zizzo (via The Blaze).

The NRA 500 suicide is currently being investigated by police. At this point, it is still a pretty big puzzle. NASCAR fans have been talking about this incident and it has actually stirred some major debate. Since the NRA -- the "National Rifle Association" -- sponsored the event, some believe that this man's actions were ironic -- and maybe he meant for it to be that way.

"The race has been one of the more widely-covered by the national media, largely because of the NRA’s 'controversial' sponsorship," The Blaze reported. Controversial might be an understatement -- how do you feel about this? Will NASCAR face any repercussions?

More details about the NRA 500 suicide are expected some time this week.

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