Friday, 26 April 2013

NJ train explosives: Mykyta Panasenko arrested after transporting devices

NJ train explosives: Mykyta Panasenko arrested after transporting devices, News that a New Jersey train explosive incident happened just before the Boston Marathon attacks is chilling to many who are just now learning about the incident. reported on April 25 that Mykyta Panasenko has been charged with having two explosive devices aboard a train just a week before the bombings in Boston.

In addition to the Hoboken, N.J. train explosives, Panasenko had devices in his home as well. He had two of them on a N.J. Transit Train that left Hoboken and was headed to Suffern on April 7. Authorities say that there were no indications he planned to detonate them in either his home or on the train, and the devices at his home were not completed.

Officials were made aware of Panasenko's activities thanks to a tip from someone who knew him. He was charged and released, and if convicted he could go to prison for up to five years. Authorities are continuing their investigation, and so far no details about Panasenko's end plan have been revealed. While it may come as a relief that Mykyta Panasenko's N.J. train explosives were not intended to be detonated, it is still quite disconcerting to those in the area.

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