Friday, 26 April 2013

NJ train explosive: Man charged for bringing explosives onto train

NJ train explosive: Man charged for bringing explosives onto train, A 27-year-old New Jersey man was arrested April 15 and was charged with possession of destructive devices and creating a risk of widespread damage, police revealed on Thursday. Almost a week before the Boston Marathon bombings, Mykyta Panasenko brought homemade explosives onto a NJ transit that was on its way to New York.

On April 25, the Jersey Journal, citing the criminal complaint, stated that Panasenko was charged with having improvised explosive devices (IEDs) constructed from a cylinder containing Pyrodex. Other charges include recklessly creating widespread risk of injury or damage to a building.

The Daily News says that Panasenko told sources he was in court on Wednesday to address the charges against him. According to officials, he was released on his own recognizance and when authorities searched his home they found explosive components but no completed devices

It's hard to believe that a man was arrested for allegedly bringing improvised explosive devices on a New York-bound NJ Transit train and it went unreported until Thursday. However, it happened before the bombing, but Panasenko was charged the same day as the attack-- which could be the reason as to why it was overlooked.

According to Yahoo!, a statement from unidentified law enforcement authorities said

"There is no indication at this point of the investigation that he intended to detonate a device in his building or on the transit system," according to the paper.

"Police recovered components of an explosive device at his home, not a completed device," the statement said, according to the Jersey Journal. "However, the investigation revealed that he did transport completed devices from his home at some point."

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