Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Newborn left on beach; 'safe haven' law ignored

Newborn left on beach; 'safe haven' law ignored, A newborn baby was found on a beach in Hawaii. The full-term baby, weighing eight pounds, was found by a passerby. According to an April 30 report by The Hollywood Gossip, the newborn baby was “abandoned immediately” on the beach after it was born.

The Department of Human Services has gotten involved in the case. If the newborn left on the beach isn't identified, DHS will step in and ask the courts for custody of the baby. They will also ask permission to release the photo of the newborn left on the beach to the public.

Despite Hawaii having a “safe haven" law, the newborn was still left on the beach. The safe haven law give immunity to someone who leaves an unharmed baby that is less than 72 hours old with the police, fire department or other emergency personnel. It also applies to people who leave babies at hospitals.

At the time of publication, no one had stepped forward to claim the newborn left on the beach.

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