Thursday, 18 April 2013

New website reviews the multi-billion-dollar coffeemaker, vacuum cleaner markets

New website reviews the multi-billion-dollar coffeemaker, vacuum cleaner markets, What does a household really need? A good vacuum cleaner and a coffeemaker. A valid case could be made that those two items are the most important elements in an apartment, house or condominium. A vacuum cleaner helps sanitize your living quarters, while a coffee maker brews an excellent cup of coffee for your taste buds.

Industry statistics show that both industries are huge. The global coffee market is estimated to be worth $100 billion and is valued more than other commodities, such as natural gas, gold, sugar and corn. We’re addicted too! On an international level, we consume more than 500 billion cups of coffee each year.

Meanwhile, according to a report by the Global Industry Analysis, the household vacuum cleaner market is projected to reach $13.2 billion industry by 2015. The increase in sales is occurring because of increased household incomes and advancements in technology and efficiencies.

One website combines these two markets: Arelli. The website offers reviews for the latest vacuum cleaners and coffeemakers. Although the publication just launched this week, it already has reviews for the Dyson DC25 and DC33 vacuum cleaners and the Keurig B70 Platinum coffeemaker.

In each review, all three received a rating of at least eight. Arelli’s final rating is based on three aspects: features, usability and build. It also lists the positives and negatives, power, brand and price range.

“The Keurig B70 is the most technologically advanced brewing system available. You can save your favorite cup size in the LCD screen’s option from the choice of five different sizes available,” wrote the website in its review. “Also, you can control the precise temperature at which to brew your cup of coffee. The Keurig B70 only takes a mere four minutes to heat up your water during which a red light will appear on the LCD screen that reads “Heating”. In addition, the system features automatic On/Off settings. Fantastic!”

The website will also soon publish reviews on ovens and watches. It maintains a newsletter feature and have it delivered right to your email inbox. Arelli can be followed on Twitter.

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