Thursday, 11 April 2013

New 'Mexico Barbie' with Chihuahua and passport is sparking controversy

New 'Mexico Barbie' with Chihuahua and passport is sparking controversy, A new Mexico Barbie doll is hitting the shelves and is fueling controversy that the doll presents negative stereotypes to little girls according to on April 10. The maker of the doll, Mattel, explains that the doll comes "fashionably ready for a fiesta" in a bright pink ruffled dress. She comes with her own passport and little Chihuahua under her arm. Some critics are up in arms stating that the accessories just aid in bringing about reductive stereotypes.

According to "The Latin Times":

“The most surprising accessory is the faux passport and “sticker sheet.” No reason has been given for the extra accessory, and it would be pure speculation to say Mattel is siding with one side of the immigration issue or the other. Are they making any sort of political statement or just being creative?”

The new Mexico Barbie is just one of the Barbie's "Dolls of the World" collection which is a line that debuted more than 30 years ago. The collection is making a comeback this year with a collection of new dolls, with each representing different cultures.

Backers of the Mexico Barbie state that all of the new Barbie dolls come with passports. Additionally, each doll is dressed in its culture's dress and pet. The Australia Barbie comes in a Steve Irwin style outfit and has a sweet koala bear, whereas the India Barbie is dressed in a sari with a pet monkey.

What do you think of Mexico Barbie?

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