Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Mystery man on roof: Viral photo of Boston Marathon bombings spurs Twitter talk

Mystery man on roof: Viral photo of Boston Marathon bombings spurs Twitter talk, A mystery man on a roof near the Boston Marathon bombings is causing quite a social media stir as a potential suspect, as Yahoo News reported this Monday, April 15, that new photos of a mysterious figure walking on the rooftops near the finish line is being debated on Twitter as a possible culprit in the tragic bombings.

Under the headline, “Mystery man on roof sparks Twitter debate”, the source reports that a particular Twitter photo that has been retweeted literally thousands of times has the public wondering if the shadowy figure spotted on the rooftops could be linked with the Boston Marathon bombings.

The photo (which was first taken by a spectator of the athletic event, Dan Lampariello), reveals a shot of the second bomb that detonated only a few hundred yards from the first bomb while runners closed the last stretch of the marathon.

The mystery man on roof headline began to trend on Twitter after a fake account of singer Frank Ocean retweeted the photo, as well as popular media outlets:

“Who’s that guy on the roof? #Praying for Boston”

The Daily Mail soon wrote on the viral photo:

“Who is this person? Individual seeing walking on roof directly overhead marathon finish line.”

Do you think the photos of the mystery man on the roof and the truly devastating Boston bombings may be related as a possible suspect? In any case, all American hearts go out tonight to those in Boston, particularly to the injured and their families.

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