Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Mother shot holding baby in apartment doorway

Mother shot holding baby in apartment doorway, Another tragedy brought on by irresponsible gun owners claimed the life of a mother according to a report from NBC April 30, 2013. According to the report two men, unidentified at this time, were in a verbal dispute at a grocery store about 100 yards away from Sheri William's apartment complex. When the altercation escalated one man chased the other down the street and fired his gun. The bullet meant for the person fleeing the conflict hit Sheri Williams (mother of three) in the face while she was holding her 10 day old son as she stood in the doorway of her apartment.

Williams fell backwards onto a couch with her son still in her arms. The wound was fatal and she was pronounced dead at the scene. The newborn infant survived the incident without any physical injuries. She also has a four year old son who was at the apartment with her mother and an eight year old daughter who was at school at the time of the shooting (which was reported to be 1pm in the afternoon).

It is a heartbreaking story that will undoubtedly touch the heart of many Alabama residents (location of where the shooting took place) as well as others across the country.

Police are searching for the two men involved in the altercation which happened in Gate City Alabama Monday afternoon.

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