Monday, 15 April 2013

Miss Russia haters: Kazakhstan-born queen bombarded with hate mail

Miss Russia haters: Kazakhstan-born queen bombarded with hate mail, Miss Russia isn't getting flack from people for not being pretty enough or not being talented enough, but word is that she there are a lot of Miss Russia haters because she is "not being Russian enough." A report from the New York Post on the afternoon of Sunday, April 14, 2013, is that Miss Russia is getting a ton of hate mail for being Kazakhstan-born.

Newly crowned Elmira Abdrazakova is getting all the hate mail imaginable because her father is a Tatar, or more commonly known as an ethnic minority in Russia. She was born in Kazakhstan, and therefore many true Russians are not pleased with the choice to give her the crown.

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A number of Russian websites have been getting complaints and comments from people that aren't happy with Abdrazakova as the choice of Miss Russia. One person even ranted that she could only be considered " a real beauty among sheep."

The Miss Russia haters have completely tormented the poor girl and it has caused her a lot of problems.

Abdrazakova says that she has already had to shut down both her Facebook and Twitter pages due to the constant hate mail and comments.

One has to wonder who the Miss Russia haters feel about "Borat."

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