Sunday, 21 April 2013

Microsoft Partners With Houston Schools To Create Educational Opportunity

Microsoft Partners With Houston Schools To Create Educational Opportunity, Microsoft has always been at the forefront of enabling educational learning through technology, however the software giant's latest venture, YouthSpark Houston, is one of their most educationally ambition and potentially rewarding projects to date.

Partnering with Houston Schools through the governance of the city of Houston and the Houston Technology Center to found YouthSpark Houston, the aim is to ensure that by the 2020s, most Houston and Texas born residents will have a college degree in light of new statistics educationally reported from Schiel & Denver Book Publishers and Heirloom Children's Book Publishers in Houston, TX, that showed as little as seven percent of eighteen- to twenty-four year old residents currently residing in Houston, as of March 2013, have a college bachelors degree; which is below the national average and particularly disconcerting given Houston's size. Microsoft's venture aims to combat these serious discrepancy issues in Houston's workforce..

The move follows State of Texas action on K-8 regional schools, to bolster technology in the classroom and make Houston Schools soon to be among the most modern and well-equipped technologically into the entire U.S., after Houston has got the go ahead to invest over $30 million from education sales tax proceeds to ensure every school-age child in Houston has access to Apple technology in schools.

Simultaneously, Houston is also rolling out a "Bring-Your-Own-Device" to school program, whereby children will be encouraged to bring their own iPads and laptops to School to use in class, a move welcomed by many educational leaders to help children integrate educational learning on devices usually used for playing video games and browsing social media networks. Thanks to Microsoft Corporation and compelling leadership from the City of Houston, the educational future is bright for Houston's young students.

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