Saturday, 20 April 2013

Man eats own finger: Man cooks, eats own finger to experience cannibalism

Man eats own finger: Man cooks, eats own finger to experience cannibalism, There are people around the world that are known to take part in cannibalism, but have you ever wondered about it? A man named Dave Playpenz from Colchester, Essex, has been curious about cannibalism for quite some time, but was never sure how to experiment with it, so he decided to do it on himself. The Inquisitr reported on April 20, 2013, that the man actually cooked and ate his own finger.

Playpenz severely injured the finger in a motorcycle accident and surgeons had to remove it in surgery. He also had part of his hand removed after it turned black. This was when Playpenz made the strange request that the hospital not throw away his amputated finger.

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Once his operation was done, he asked for his finger to take home, but not to keep it as a souvenir. Well, at least not the whole thing.

“People can’t go around being cannibals – that’s illegal. Only then, it occurred to me that no one could haul me to court for eating my own flesh.

“I decided to cook it and taste it. Then my curiosity would be satisfied.”

Palypenz said that the finger "had been kept in the same fridge where the nurses stored the milk for their tea" in the hospital. He "always wondered what human flesh tastes like," but he knew it was something he was supposed to do.

From there, he ate the finger which "was a big bit of me, too big a bit to lose," said Playpenz. He then kept the bones as a forever souvenir and memory of his finger.

To cook it, he boiled it in salt water since roasting it would damage the bones. He then ate it without sauce or drink so that the taste wasn't ruined.

This experience has apparently not turned Playpenz into a full-blown cannibal though. He's just the man that ate his own finger.

“And no, it hasn’t turned me into some kind of Hannibal Lecter. It was a once-in-a-lifetime experience, which I definitely won’t be repeating.”

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