Monday, 22 April 2013

Lufthansa Airlines news: 1,755 flights cancelled over planned wage protest

Lufthansa Airlines news: 1,755 flights cancelled over planned wage protest, News: Lufthansa Airlines canceled 99 percent of its European flights Sunday over plans of an employee strike. Officials grounded 1,755 scheduled flights as workers geared up to walk out for one day over low wages, citing a report out today by Bloomberg.

Airline officials warned that about 1,720 flights, including all European and German routes could be canceled Monday if there is no break-through over the union protest.

At the center of the airline strike is a request by union workers for a 5.2 percent wage increase. Ver.di union, which represents the interests of 33,000 Lufthansa workers, is pressing the airline company for higher wages and exclusion from firings in work-dispute actions.

Sources say airline officials, in an effort to minimize the impact to customers; it offered workers in several divisions considerably less of the requested wage increase. However, union officials call the offer "deplorable."

In what amounts to a perfect storm, the Lufthansa Airlines strikes couldn't come at a worse time. As the company plans to shed 3,500 administrative jobs and lower costs with an eye on record-breaking profits by 2015, it must contend with flight disruptions.

Obviously, as long as the strikes go on, revenue is lost and that places a damper on its forward forecasts.

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