Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Louvre pickpockets cause museum closure as workers walk off jobs

Louvre pickpockets cause museum closure as workers walk off jobs, Louvre pickpockets have caused the world-famous museum to close, as workers have walked off the job over the widespread issues. CBS News shared the details on April 10 of the big frustrations those at the Louvre art museum are facing.

The museum typically has as many as 30,000 visitors a day, and a spokesperson was unable to say when the doors would open again. The Paris pickpockets tend to target foreigners, and their presence around the Louvre art museum has grown despite attempts by police to crack down on the issue.

The Inquisitr notes that young pickpockets have latched on to a loophole at the museum that helps them gain access and create problems. Children under the age of 18 are free at the Lourve, so teens can wander around scoping out potential pickpocket victims. It seems the Paris pickpockets are often specifically looking for English-speaking travelers, considering them a prime target.

Workers are frustrated, because often the children will work in gangs and there seems to be little the museum workers can do. They try to kick the kids out, but then the pickpockets come back the next day. The workers are feeling threatened, as some of the pickpockets have become quite aggressive.

About 100 museum workers banded together asking the French Ministry of Culture to come up with a solution, and it seems they are refusing to work until they feel something has been accomplished. At this time it is not known when the Louvre strikers will return to work. For now, the Louvre pickpockets seem to be in control, and tourists visiting the area planning to visit the Paris art museum are definitely frustrated.

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