Saturday, 20 April 2013

Little League shooting: Gunfire erupts at tee-ball game, threatens season

Little League shooting: Gunfire erupts at tee-ball game, threatens season, The Vallejo Little League shooting Wednesday has officials stumped over what to do about the rest of the season. Police believe gunfire that erupted at the tee-ball game involved parents of kids in the competition, but no suspects have been identified. An emergency meeting Saturday will determine if the season is canceled, citing a report out today by Inquisitr.

As a result of the Little League baseball shooting in North Vallejo, officials announced Friday they are canceling all remaining games. With 200 children enrolled in the league and dozens of games still on the 2013 schedule, today's decision is critical.

Police say shots were fired in a parking lot after two people, supposedly parents, got into an altercation. At one point, a man drove away and the alleged gunmen fired several shots into the vehicle. Luckily, the driver escaped injury.

Authorities say dozens of rounds were fired, some in the direction of the nearby Boys and Girls Club.

An outpouring of support on the group's Facebook page pointed to outrage over Wednesday's shooting.

Barbara Brooks wrote:

"Stand up for your children!!! They ARE the most important part of our community!!!!!! What will it take?? YOUR child getting shot!!!!?Come together now!!! The silence of the community, who protects thugs, will kill the community, will ruin it for your CHILDREN!!!!PUT CHILDREN FIRST! Protect children, not thugs!!!!!"

Apparently, the area surrounding Thurman Field has a history of shootings. While this is the first at the Little League park, it's still unsettling and too close for comfort.

The majority of parents are in favor of continuing the season in wake of the Little League shooting. However, options for relocation are running out.

As one parent said,

"Where can you go? Where can your children go? They can't go to school without the threat. This is all these Vallejo kids have, and they love it."

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