Saturday, 20 April 2013

Lessons learned from the Boston Marathon bombers

Lessons learned from the Boston Marathon bombers, The brothers responsible for setting off bombs during the Boston Marathon have been arrested or killed. In fact, in turns out the younger brother played a part in killing his older brother when he drove over him as he escaped for a brief while. Less than a few hours after the chase came to an end, we can all learn lessons from this incident.

The first is be vigilant. Always on guard when going out. If you are at a big event and a stranger sets down a bag and walks away, be attentive. Call out to them and tell them to take it with them. If they reply with "I'll be right back, going to take a leak" insist they take it with them, by not wanting to be responsible for it. If they insist on leaving this bag, leave the area and notify police. Be wary of the stranger that will engage you in conversation, then leave the bag. How much do you wanna bet these two brothers could have come off as charming young men that went to fetch a glass of water, then got lost in the crowd?

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If you took photos and video,STOP SHARING Do not upload it to You tube or other sites. This video could have been sold for upwards of ten grand. However the camera phone operator elected to share it on Youtube and now they get nothing. Not even a credit. Anyone can use it. If you really want to help, send your stuff to the authorities so they can sift through it. This clip would have also fetched big dollars.

That includes Facebook as well. Under their terms of Service, it's free. It makes no difference if you don't want it, anyone can use it. In fact all of the photos that accompany this article photos were taken from Facebook and other sources on the internet. Thanks!

Should an event like this happen again, do not look through those photos that people were stupid enough to post on the internet. While a desire to help is sincere, falsely identifying someone as suspicious could do harm to that person. Imagine going to an event and your best buddy asks you to hold his backpack, and you are singled out in a photo for being alone with a back pack. A New York daily paper made the mistake of running a photo of two students with back packs that had nothing to do with it.

You would be shocked if an untrained person went to work on a jet plane cause they wanted to help. They knew the plane was broken and wanted to fix it. People are not shocked when an accountant,or even a convicted felon looks through photos, plays amateur detective and posts photos of innocent people insinuating they might have something to do with the event. STOP IT. If you really think you have something, send that to the authorities.

When the authorities post photos share them and if you think it looks like your neighbor, friend or who ever but you are not sure, notify the authorities. How many times has someone been arrested and all the neighbors are shocked. Not once will anyone ever say "I thought he was up to something, this guy was a criminal" No one ever knows about their neighbor. Let the investigators make the determination if your suspicion is credible. The suspect arrested was a student in nearby Boston. as his photo was released ,the students could not believe it was him. After all he was such a nice young boy.

Finally, forget the name of the suspect as soon as an arrest is made. They are not celebrities,or notables. The suspects names appear nowhere in this article. If they are looking for notoriety, this allows them to fail in that attempt.

Suspect # 2's twitter account.

Look at it while you still can.Notice references to the event.


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