Thursday, 11 April 2013

Komodo dragon attack: Elderly lady fights for her life with a broom

Komodo dragon attack: Elderly lady fights for her life with a broom, An 83-year-old woman fought off a Komodo dragon with a broom in Indonesia. The giant lizard had bitten her hand and wouldn't let go. According to an April 11 report by the Christian Science Monitor, her screams alerted her neighbors and they helped chase away the Komodo dragon.

The lizard that bit the Indonesian woman was about 6.5 feet long. Komodo dragons can grow to over 10 feet. After being hit several times on it's nose and the woman's neighbors arriving, the Komodo dragon ran away, escaping.

It is believed the Komodo dragons are becoming more aggressive with humans due to a lack of food in the national park where they live. It is believed that less than 4,000 Komodo dragons are still alive in their natural habitat.

Others would argue that Komodo dragons have always been aggressive. Unlike their tame demeanor, Komodo dragons are “fast, strong and deadly.”

At the time of publication, the condition of the victim in the Komodo dragon attack was unknown. It was also unknown what became of the Komodo dragon that attacked the elderly woman.

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