Thursday, 11 April 2013

Komodo dragon attack claims woman's hand, deterred by a broom

Komodo dragon attack claims woman's hand, deterred by a broom, A Komodo dragon went for the hand of an Indonesian woman when she held the giant lizard off from killing her with a broom. The attack of the 6.5 foot creature happened to the Asian-based octogenarian on April 10, according to the Christian Science Monitor.

Although the Komodo dragon didn't win with his attack, he did make his mark as the victim, named Haifa, ended up needing 20 stitches on her right hand. She was saved after neighbors heard her cry for help and their intrusion plus the force of the broom sent this lizard scrambling.

By way of background, this Komodo dragon was only average sized because these mighty endangered species can grow as long as 10 feet. But there aren't many left. The majority of the last 4,000 of the rare species can be found in eastern Indonesia where an entire island aptly, named Komodo Island, is home to Komodo National Park and to the majority of these reptiles who are armed with poisonous venom.

According to the Associated Press, few Komodo dragons attack even though they are certainly equipped for the adventure because if the bite from their shark-like teeth penetrates, the poison dispersed can kill a human within hours.

So, the Komodo dragon attack that claimed a woman's hand but was deterred by a broom was not typical but was still scary. Thankfully, the big guy didn't get the job done in Indonesia on Wednesday.

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