Thursday, 11 April 2013

Hamster rises from dead: 'Jesus' pet comes back to life from hibernation

Hamster rises from dead: 'Jesus' pet comes back to life from hibernation, When a hamster rises from the dead, it’s certain to raise the public’s eyebrows, especially during the Easter season. That’s actually what happened this 2013, as Fox News reported this Thursday, April 11, that a pet in England allegedly rose from her furry grave this Good Friday.

Under the headline, “Hamster rises from dead on Easter weekend”, the source reports that 2-year-old Tink, a pet hamster, was found looking “lifeless” by a couple watching the animal for a good friend.

The couple believed that the hamster had died, and promptly called the pet’s owner about the tragic news. Afterwards, they decided to give the hamster a proper burial. The couple wrapped the hamster in a paper towel and buried her in a flower bed a full foot below the surface.

Yet on Good Friday, the very next day, Tink miraculously came back. She ate through the paper towel and dug through the soil, climbing a pipe and into a recycling box. She then stayed huddled to keep warm during a very cold winter, at last being found by the girl’s father, Les, in the garden.

“Suddenly a little face popped out of one of (the boxes), which gave me a big startle I can assure you,” 60-year-old Les said. “We’ve nicknamed her ‘Jesus.’”

The hamster that rose from the dead, of course, may have brought some holiday spirit back to the Easter season, though of a very natural kind. Veterinarians believe that Tink was probably only hibernating, which is common for hamsters.

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