Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Google Gmail down: Google Apps, Docs experiencing outages

Google Gmail down: Google Apps, Docs experiencing outages, Google Gmail and other popular apps went down Wednesday. Thousands of users took to Twitter and reported widespread outages. Google officials confirmed that several applications were experiencing server issues. According to a live CNBC report, the majority of technical issues are with mobile mail applications.

In a report out on April 17, Seround Table confirmed it received hundreds of messages from its users that Google Gmail was down, along with other apps within the tech giant's ecosystem.

Several business users expressed anger over the outages as the problem is negatively impacting their business and customers who depend on Google for mail and processing other transactions.

Balaji wrote: "I cannot access my company email on Gmail server. I cannot access my personal Gmail account as well. My phone keeps showing an error and asking me to re-enter the login name and password."

John said: "It’s down again exactly one month since last outage. This should be called apps for business can afford one day/month without the service."

While the Google Apps Status Dashboard indicated all was well and no problems were apparent with its servers, stories about Google Apps and mail access problems are cropping up on the Internet.

For more on the Google's Gmail outage problems, visit the Google+ forum.

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