Monday, 22 April 2013

Girls school poison gas: 74 female students under medical watch in Afghanistan

Girls school poison gas: 74 female students under medical watch in Afghanistan, A girls school poison gas scare has left up to 74 female students in Afghanistan possibly poisoned this week, as Yahoo! News reported this Sunday, April 21, that the schoolgirls are now under medical watch after smelling gas in their classrooms.

Under the headline, “Girls school poison gas: School fears hit by poison gas”, added that although there are certain cases of alleged poisoning that turn out to be only false alarms in the Middle East, some extremists against female education have been confirmed to partake in the poisoning of Afghan schoolgirls.

According to the report, officials said that dozens of the girls became very sick after they had smelled a strange gas at school. The governor’s spokesman of Takhar, Sulaiman Moradi, said that it was in fact enemies of the country and of the government that may have poisoned the girls to keep them from gaining an education.

Many of the students were taken to a local hospital following the mass illness. Although a majority were later released following minor medical treatment, some of the girls unfortunately remain in critical condition this Sunday. The head of the hospital said on the girls’ school poison gas attack:

"We have already sent samples of their blood to the Ministry of Public Health and it will soon become clear what the reason for their illness was."

The potential poisoning came only a few days following another scare at another girls’ high school down in nearby Taluqan, although no suspects are currently known and no groups have claimed any responsibility yet for either case.

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