Thursday, 18 April 2013

Fresno teen missing for years found buried in back yard

Fresno teen missing for years found buried in back yard, A body that was found in the backyard of a California home on Tuesday may belong to a teen that has been missing since 2009.

Steven Humphrey, 15, was last seen in January 2009. He had been living with his grandmother on the corner of Huntington and South Dearing which is a block away from where the body was found. Steven told his grandmother that he was walking to Dorsey's Liquor Store, but he never returned.

After the Fresno police received a tip, they searched the backyard of a southeast Fresno home on 235 South Dearing Avenue. During their search they uncovered a body that they believe belongs to the missing teen, reports ABC News.

"It's tragic and that's why we had close to 20 detectives out here digging, probably digging about 20 tons of dirt. We had the public works department assisting as well," Lt. Mark Salaza told KFSN news.

Ben Essman, a cousin of Steven's told KMPH news that the family has known for a few years that Humphrey was there and have always felt that the crowd he hung out with might have played a role in his disappearance.

"No action has been taken until now," said Essman.

The family believed Steven died inside the house and was buried on the property.

"We've been looking for years. The FBI has been involved, police investigations but nothing has lead to any confirmation," said Steven’s other cousin Shiloh Lee.

In spite of what the family believed, Steven was classified as an endangered runaway.

The coroner's office has not confirmed the identity of the remains.

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