Saturday, 20 April 2013

Former Sacramento cop goes to jail for faking reports. 79 DUI cases overturned

Former Sacramento cop goes to jail for faking reports. 79 DUI cases overturned, Brandon Mullock, 28, cannot explain his actions, but he caused many problems during his term as a Sacramento police officer. The former Sacramento police officer misbehaved in 79 drunk driving cases where he wrote reports and served as a principal witness. Most of his cases were drunken driving violations where the individuals tested positive with an overload of the drink, but Mullock's reports were off. They did not agree with the events that unfolded when officials watched the in-car police camera videos. Prosecutors added charges of lying under oath during hearings or on license suspension forms, according to an April 20 Sacramento Bee article.

Jailers took Mullock into custody on Friday morning after he was sentenced in a Sacramento Superior Court. His police career is over for good and he faces a stiff jail sentence. He will serve a one-year sentence at the Sacramento County Main Jail, followed by five years of probation. If he fails to complete his probation, he faces five more years in jail.

Seventy-three of Mullock's drunken driving cases resulted in convictions, but all of those had to be overturned. The city was forced to return fees and restore suspended driving privileges.

District Attorney's prosecutor Jan Scully started by charging Mullock with 34 felonies, but did not attempt to prove that Mullock acted with malice. Mullock made a plea bargain that reduced the number of charges. He confessed to three felony counts of falsifying police reports and one felony count of perjury, all felonies.

The defendant and his family tried to paint a picture of a tragic individual who revered police work and wanted to realize a life's dream. Mullock got into the work, but found himself in over his head.

Mullock experienced problems that led him to the Sacramento Police Department's Peer Support Program. He also attended a one-week retreat for suicidal cops and firefighters and was put on the drunk driving detail in the hope the lighter duty would help him. He started doctoring reports and lying on the stand when that job became too much for him.

The result, no matter what the cause, is one very sad young man who will spend time in jail and quite a few drunk drivers who avoided justice.

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