Thursday, 11 April 2013

Flood watches and warnings in effect for the eastern Great Lakes

Flood watches and warnings in effect for the eastern Great Lakes, It is cold and nasty across western New York this afternoon as rain continues to fall across the area.

Temperatures are only in the low to mid 30s making for miserable weather to be outside.

While there have been a few spotty reports of freezing rain across western New York, most locations are reporting just rain.

The rainfall has not been confined to western New York. Heavy rain fell across much of the region last night.

Unfortunately, the rain has caused some flooding problems and numerous flood watches and warnings are in effect across much of the region.

Another surge of deep moisture from the Gulf of Mexico will spread across the region tonight through Friday morning.

This will mean another round of heavy rain for much of the region.

Another 1 to 2 inches of rain could fall across the region through Friday morning, exacerbating the ongoing flood problems.

There is also the threat of some embedded thunderstorms later tonight that could locally augment the rainfall totals.

Conditions will gradually improve on Friday as the deeper moisture and heavier rains shift eastward through the morning hours.

Colder and still unsettled weather will remain across the region Friday night and Saturday.

Temperatures could fall enough to allow for some of the rain showers to mix with snow showers, especially across the higher terrain.

Temperatures will average well below normal through the upcoming weekend.

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