Thursday, 11 April 2013

Fatal text message: Colorado student dies, texting while driving

Fatal text message: Colorado student dies, texting while driving, A Colorado student's last text message before a fatal car crash claimed his life is ominous. However, as CBS News writes today, the parents of Alexander Heit want his fatal text message to warn motorists to the dangers of texting while driving.

Sharon Heit, Alexander's mother, released the shocking image of her son's last text message before he died in the horrific April 3 car crash. Like Mothers Against Drunk Drivers or MADD, which uses imagery to help save lives, Heit's mom hopes her message resonates.

In a statement Wednesday from The Greeley Tribune, she said this about the dangers of texting while driving:

"I can't bear the thought of anyone else having to go through something like this.

"Please, vow to never, NEVER text and drive. In a split second you could ruin your whole future, injure or kill others, and tear a hole in the heart of everyone who loves you."

Alex, 22, as he is affectionately called by family and friends was a student studying audiology at the University of Northern Colorado.

On the day he died, witnesses saw him with his head down and car drifting into the oncoming lane of traffic on a road in Greeley. A truck swerved to avoid a head-on-collision and Heit looked up, obviously startled about what was happening.

Police say he then tried to steer back into his driving lane, but over-corrected, causing the vehicle to veer hard and flip.

While he was rushed to a nearby hospital, the Colorado student passed away from his injuries.

Later, police found his iPhone in the vehicle. On it was a fatal text message which simply read:

"Sounds good my man, seeya soon, ill tw"

Apparently, he never completed the typing; it was never sent.

Alex's mother wants the message to be a stark reminder to others that tragedy can happen in the blink of an eye.

While many people don't think it will happen to them; oftentimes a tragedy like this allows the message to sink in, even if only for a short time.

Like drinking under the influence (DUI), texting while driving a motor vehicle is just as dangerous.

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