Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Dead baby found in laundry service linens was mishandled stillborn

Dead baby found in laundry service linens was mishandled stillborn, A Minnesota hospital says a dead baby found in laundry service linens was a mishandled stillborn. The dead infant was discovered by an outside vendor at its facility Tuesday. Since then, the St. Paul hospital has apologized, citing an April 17 ABC top news report.

Red Wing, which provides laundry service to Regions Hospital, made the grisly discovery 45 miles away at its facility.

Sources say a 22-month-old dead baby was found in the laundry service linens picked up hours earlier yesterday.

Obviously, the first thing that comes to mind is whether a mom abandoned the baby shortly after birth.

However, an investigation revealed the lifeless body found was a mishandled stillborn which was accidentally placed in a bag for cleaning services.

Regions officials say the incident is a "terrible mistake." Additionally, it is extending its “deep apologies" to all those involved in the matter, including employees at the linen cleaning service.

One spokesperson at the hospital says that it will also use current systems in place to ensure something like this does not repeat in the future.

The mother of the dead stillborn baby found in laundry linens has not been identified.

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