Friday, 12 April 2013

Colorado drought impacts Denver residents

Colorado drought impacts Denver residents, It's official, the 2012 drought numbers are in and it is worse than expected. The drought last year has surpassed the dust bowl era in the 1930's, and as the news came out so did the Denver Water restrictions implemented for Denver residents.

Our recent winter storms have not done enough to help the low precipitation numbers for this year either. Despite expected high snow totals for our most recent winter storm, the actual accumulation only amounted to 1 to 4 inches on average.

Water for Denver comes directly from the mountain reservoirs which are still extremely low from last year's drought. Because of this, experts say it will be some time before we recover, even if we have average numbers for rain this spring and summer.

Denver residents need to be aware of their water usage at home and for businesses. Managing their usage can go along way in preventing even further restrictions by Denver Water. As temperatures start to heat up landscaping will need water. Increasing our landscaping to reflect the high dessert natural landscape can reduce those watering needs. At home, being aware of the water we use in all areas can help reduce consumption.

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