Monday, 29 April 2013

Children forgotten often caught up in the legal system of today

Children forgotten often caught up in the legal system of today, One Florida Judge in the Eighteenth Judicial Circuit appears to be working toward setting a new standard in the way the legal systems treats children. Judge Charlie Crawford, a judge in Brevard County, has made note to all parties involved when it comes to family litigation. Children are the center of focus when it comes to custody litigation and often the litigants must leave the child outside the court room sitting on a waiting bench. The reason why children must come to the court house vary at the least for a multitude of reasons. The parent or custodian may have been ordered to appear with the child or possibly for the lack of finding a baby sitter.

Judge Charlie Crawford has much experience in the realm of children not only because of his legal career but by being a family man himself. Charlie Crawford is married to Kerry Crawford skilled in physical therapy, due to her career at Health First, and the mother of four children named Mack, Chris, Austin and Kathryn. According to an article published by space Coast Living “the best part about motherhood is raising people you enjoy being with,” says Kerry Crawford the mother of the four. According to that article Judge Charlie Crawford stated “I feel certain all my boys will serve their community in some capacity" and "they have grown up helping the special needs children in this area since their sister has Down Syndrome and have seen their dad work tirelessly with people who are in need.” The conclusion can be drawn that Charlie Crawford has a deep and personal care for children.

Judge Crawford with the help of his courtroom deputies and countless volunteers maintained a playroom at the Courthouse for children forced to go to court along with a toy and bicycle room making sure every child had some form of comfort while awaiting the outcome of the hearing, litigation or current judicial business. Judge Crawford's Judicial experience includes many areas of family law, civil litigation and domestic violence. Currently he serves on the felony criminal bench in the Eighteenth Judicial Circuit Court. Since beginning his Judicial Career, Judge Crawford has instituted several innovative and thoughtful programs in the 18th Circuit including a Special Needs Docket for children allowing their case to be reviewed twice as often.

While Judge Charlie Crawford sat the Family Law Bench he instituted Brevard County's only supervised visitation program with the help of Brevard Family Partnership. Furthermore, he set trials within 90 days of any request, litigants no longer had to wait a year for trial, as delays can be catastrophic for the best interests of a child.

Will Judge Charlie Crawford's legacy and example to the Family Court, on how children are the center of focus and deserve much diligence, concern and care, carry on in the Eighteenth Judicial Circuit Court?

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