Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Chaney 'deep doo doo' warning apt about how US fares with North Korea

Chaney 'deep doo doo' warning apt about how US fares with North Korea, Dick Cheney used common speak to ruminate about how the U.S. stands with regard to the North Korea situation. By doing so, the seasoned politician put fear at the forefront, making headlines with his candor as well as his word choice.

According to CNN on April 10, the former Vice President of the United States spoke to top GOP lawmakers at the weekly House whip meeting. During his time there, he commented in an obvious sound bite, saying, "We're in deep doo doo."

View slideshow: Dick Chaney says the US is in 'deep doo too' with regard to North Korea
Chaney's concern, of course, is with regard to the possible actions of Kim Jung-Un who, at best, is unpredictable.

After dealing extensively with another unpredictable leader called Saddam Hussein some time back during his days in office, Dick Cheney was talking in generalities about certain world leaders, dead and alive. When he did so, he was talking with authority by saying, "You never know what they’re thinking.”

That said and pointed out, tension continues to amp up between North Korea and the United States. This is especially so after Kim's threat in March about a nuclear strike. Then, earlier this month, another threat of the same ilk, yet cradled in even stronger terms, was issued by the North Korean leader.

And so, when he showed up at the weekly House GOP whip meeting after being invited by Kevin McCarthy, Dick Chaney used a euphemism for defacation when speaking about how the United States stands regarding North Korean threats. Yes, Chaney used the term "deep doo doo" and everyone on hand knew what he meant. And what he meant was not meant to be funny. Not at all.

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