Friday, 26 April 2013

Bus crash kills 30 in Afghanistan: Taliban insurgents to blame

Bus crash kills 30 in Afghanistan: Taliban insurgents to blame, Taliban insurgents are said to blame for a bus crash in southern Afghanistan Thursday. The bus collided with the burning wreckage of a truck that was attacked by Taliban insurgents, killing 30 passengers on board.

Yahoo! News carried the April 26 Associated Press report, which said the crash left 11 injured and 30 dead.

Omar Zawak, the governor’s spokesman in Helmand province, said the truck was set on fire by Taliban attackers and left burning in the middle of a road.

The oncoming bus could not avoid hitting the roadblock and smashed into the burning truck.

The fiery crash happened about 35 miles outside the capital of Helmand province. No word on if the Taliban was targeting innocent people or if the bus crash was an accident.

Taliban insurgent forces have been fighting against the Afghan government, led by President Hamid Karzai, and against the US-led International Security Assistance Force, for over a decade.

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